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Useful Websites and Computer Programs

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Useful Websites and Computer Programs Empty Useful Websites and Computer Programs

Post  Chris Ferrara Thu Jan 10, 2013 3:00 pm

There are a lot of programs and websites which can be a lot of fun, or can help you to communicate with people around the world. One program I'd suggest you get is called Skype, it's the most common program people use for video chatting. So using this could help you find a friend you can talk to face-to-face...

Another useful program is MSN, which a lot of Europeans use to communicate, kind of like QQ. I believe you can find the program here...

In America most people use gchat, which is a part of google, but it often doesn't work well here in China, and Facebook doesn't work at all.

Some interesting websites... - This is a website where people share photos of beautiful things... - This is a place to find foreign penpals

I'll try to think of some more and add them later!
Chris Ferrara
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