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Post  Chris Ferrara on Tue Jan 08, 2013 4:22 pm

Portishead - [Trip Hop] 519jfz10

Portishead is one of my favorite bands, I've been listening to them since I was about 18 years old myself! The first song I heard of theirs was called "All Mine", you can listen to it here - http://play.baidu.com/?__m=mboxCtrl.playSong&__a=1725481&__o=/song/1725481_playBtn#loaded

Another song I really like is called "Roads" - http://play.baidu.com/?__m=mboxCtrl.playSong&__a=8038596&__o=/search_songListIcon#loaded

I really like to listen to Portishead when I'm feeling a little sad, it's music that's great for that kind of mood, feeling lonely or depressed a little, haha, not that I feel that way too often!
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