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Florence and the Machine - [Indie Rock]

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Florence and the Machine - [Indie Rock] Empty Florence and the Machine - [Indie Rock]

Post  Chris Ferrara Thu Nov 15, 2012 5:11 pm

Florence and the Machine is the name of a very popular band from the United Kingdom. Their lead singer is a woman named Florence Welch.
Florence and the Machine - [Indie Rock] BXHvL

She has a very interesting voice, deep and sultry (very attractive and passionate-sounding). They have two albums, Lungs from 2009 and Ceremonials from 2011. Here's one of her songs from Ceremonials, called Spectrum It was the number 1 song in the United Kingdom for some time. The first song I heard by this band was called 'Dog Days Are Over' and I liked it so much I wanted to listen to the rest of their music, here is that song for you!
Chris Ferrara
Chris Ferrara

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Florence and the Machine - [Indie Rock] Empty Music

Post  An Qi Fri Nov 16, 2012 7:27 pm

I like music very much,and I have two friends whose majer is the piano.I admire one who sings verry well.Singing can make one relax and enjoyable,so it is a good way for people to release themslves when they get tired

An Qi

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